Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jackson Ready To Report?

A senior team official said Sunday evening that the Philadelphia Eagles expect holdout wide receiver DeSean Jackson to report to training camp at Lehigh in the next few days.

"It'll be really soon," he said.

Jackson has been subject to $30,000 fines each day he has missed camp, he has already missed three days of mandatory practices.  It is believed that Jackson is frustrated with the lack of progress on a new contract, something that the Eagles plan to do, it has just been really busy with everything happening at the same time.  Jackson's base salary this year is only $565,000 making him one of the most underpaid players in the NFL.

WPVI (channel 6) is reporting that Jackson is planning on reporting either Monday or Tuesday.

It is good to see that the holdout was only a short one.  Now Jackson can get back to football and hopefully his contract situation can be addressed shortly.  The Eagles really need him with Jeremy Maclin having health issues right now and just that fact that he is DeSean Jackson.

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